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Drawing Materials - Almost everything to get started - Part 04 - Erasers


We are human, we make mistakes. Incidental to screw must have a different drafts on hand. The first kneaded eraser,and it can be molded to any shape you need. I use this all the time. See How This can turn in to any shape that we want...

The other eraser that I use a lot is Tuff Stuff eraser stick   . This is basically pencil eraser, but instead of having graphite in the interior, has an eraser. It's great because you can keep them sharp and use it to erase the fine details. 

Many artists use sticky adhesive putty called Blu-Tac. He has been developing applications of Blu-Tac technology in the UK, and I think only sold there. There are a lot of counterfeit in the United States would do the same products. Duck poster putty brand Is a good one.

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