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Drawing Materials - Almost everything to get started - Part 01 - Pencils

Drawing Materials - Almost everything to get started - Part 01

Welcome to the drawing materials lesson. Some of the most common messages email are asking me the materials I use and recommend. This section aims to give an overview.

1. Pencils

First let's talk pencils. And woodcased writing pots containing pigment pens. Pigment can be colored, pastel, charcoal or graphite. There is talk of graphite in this case. Graphite pencils are available in many different grades ranging from 9B (softest) to 9H (hardest). Soft graphite has less clay in them and they are darker than H. graphite Graphite is hard to get more mud is lighter than graphite (B). The following table shows the different grades of graphite.

There are lots of different brands of lead pencils. I use pencils MonAmi. Most grades are not necessary in my opinion. For most of my drawings I can only use the following grades 8B , 6B, 2B, B, F, HB, 2H, . Anything harder than 2H graphite likely to dent the role, and the destruction of the fiber.

Sometimes when I'm drawing I need a more sharp tool. I have 2, 0.5mm mechanical pencils I use. One is filled with a graphite pencil HB and the other with 2B. 

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